Wednesday, August 29, 2012

W.V. If My People Rally

The Cooks after running over some songs.
All but Lilly
Where the meetings were held.
Stephenie, and Brittney Beatty
Bro. Jesse Kragiel
For some reason most of my pictures are of the Cook's singing. I must like them or something. ;)
One of the mornings coming in.
They told us we couldn't go to the mall because it was too far away, so like good little Christian kids, we went two tracking instead! (Way Better!!!) ((Esp when I'm driving!;))

Dad preaching.
Right outa the ol' red book, (As bro. Jesse says it.) Old Man Tucker! ;) JK Bro! :)
Pastor Paul Beaty
Working on music
Oh, cute Mego

Love this picture of the boys. :)

 Doug Beatty
 Dad and I got to take Bro. Jesse to the air port.
 And since I'd never been to Chick~fil~A Bro. Jesse asked if we could go there before we dropped him off. :D
The End

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Anonymous said...

bethany, i most dearly love you for that picture of me, you know i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!1