Monday, June 1, 2009


The other day, some of us girls went for a hike, so I thought I'd put some pictures from it up.

Thanks to (she knows who) there are a lot of pictures of me. =o So I guess you have to see me a lot in this post. :P So sorry. :)

All the girls

This way, follow the blue marks

Cool shot

Stopping for water

Mmmm, lunch!

Random shot

Get up the tree fast! I think I heard a bear!


OK, so maybe I didn't hear a bear. Now how do we get down from here?! =]

All of us looking very thoughtful

"Does anyone see the blue mark to tell us where to go next?"
MaryBeth, "I don't see it anywhere."
Hannah, "I think it's over there, see Bethany?"
Bethany, "Where? Oh, I think I might can see it!"
Esther, "I'm not sure if that's it or not."

Find the mark or not, we can still smile to have friends along. :)

MB-The hills are alive... with the sound of music...

The Mothers, "Don't fall!"

You can't tell how very high up we were, what one will do for a picture. :)

Walkin' on trees :D

Shall I jump? =]


The new "album" cover. :D (Just kidding, no album:)

Nice warm sunshine

In our shelter

Teapot girls, all grown up. (Long story, ask me some time if you don't understand)

With the lighting on this one you could 'almost' think we were sisters.

Silly shot! =]


"Nope, I don't see any blue marks down there, it must go somewhere else."
Anyone for king of the mountain? :D

"Nope, I don't think the trail goes this way either, no blue marks.
OK, so I got a little goofy on the comments about the pictures. :)
Hope you can at least enjoy that there is a new post up. :)


Gabrielle said...

That was a cool post!! :)

Bethany said...

Great post!

Tinker said...

Your DSL or whatever has got to be fast. Cuz that is allot of pics it takes like two minutes just to upload one pic for me...but sweet pics

Rachel said...

It looks like Lily had the camera most of the time! :) Looks like you'll had a lot of fun.

Lily said...

it was fun.

{ jessica } said...

Figured I'd pop in and say Howdy :) Looks like ya'll had fun hiking!

Tinker said...

thanks for ignoring me lol jk

BSBT said...

OK, Tink, sorry. :)
I just don't comment on my own blog as much. I don't really know why...
Thanks Hop,
Tinker (yes we have rather fast DSL, and yes it is very nice for long post... but it still takes a LONG time for me to get them up.),
Rachel (you are quite right on both! :),
Jessica- thanks for stoping in! :)

There Tink, happy now???