Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank God For The Red, White, and Blue

Our Flag Stands for Freedom. Will We Stand For Our Flag?
So many have died for that flag, for OUR Freedom.
Can we not set aside our busy lives to stop and say thank you?
I know the comparison is made quite often, of those that died for freedom in America, and the One that died for freedom from our sins.
But do we stop now and then from our busy lives and tell our Lord, Thank You?
A thought that was put forth to me not long ago, "are we fitting God into our lives, or are we building our lives around God?"
Think about it, really think about it.
Are we willing to stop and say thank you for how merciful He really is to us?
Say thanks this Flag Day, if not to a solder, to God.
Forgive me, what I wanted to say when I first thought of this post had a whole lot more meaning. But sadly, I ran out of time. :P


Tinker said...

no that was a great made me think about how much i take for granet. I find myself complaining about our president and the new laws that are being made but really we live in the greatest country on earth.ARE red,white,and blue.The red stands for the blood we have shed to defend it. The white stands for honor, and the blue stands for our resolve.most importantly i realized how much i take the the blood that was shed for me for granite. the most precious blood and the most powerful blood ever shed.the only blood that will clean a soul white as snow.

BSBT said...

Wow, thank you for your comment Tink!
That just added so much more meaning to the little I said.

Tinker said...

any time i can help!!!!!!!!!