Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blessed Are They That Mourn

I've been reading through some Heroes of the Faith booklets, and today was Oswald Chambers.
I thought these his words on sorrow would fit the day well.

"It is a farce to make nothing of death;
the natural expressions of the heart are
no suppressed, but tempered and transfigured.
It is not part of faith to affect insensibility
to sorrow, that is stoical humbug.

"In certain stages of religious experience
we have the idea that we must not show
sorrow when we are sorrowful. That
idea is an enemy to the Spirit of Jesus
Christ, because it leads to heartlessness
and hypocrisy. Not to sorrow is not even
human, it is diabolical. The Spirit of God
hallows sorrow.

"Tears are not going to be wiped away
by our receiving pettings from God; the
revelation is that through the marvel of
the Redemption, God is going to make it
impossible for there to be any more crying
or sorrow, all will be as satisfactory as
God Himself.

"...Sorrow does not necessarily make
a man better; sorrow burns up a great
amount of unnecessary shallowness, it
gives me my self, or it destroys me. If a
man becomes acquainted with sorrow, the
gift it presents him with his self.

"If I have received myself in the fire of
sorrow, then I am good stuff for other
people in the same condition.

"Suffering either makes fiends of us or
it makes saints of us, it depends entirely
on our relationship towards God."

For Those Remembering Jeremy, and all the other 9-11-01 families.

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