Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Figure 8 Derby

MaryBeth asked me to paint her face for her.
So I was trying to think what I should do on it.
So I thought a heart or a four leaf clover.
I asked her though, Red, or Green?
She didn't know what was coming, but she said Red. =]

Cute huh?! :D
(Lesson you can learn from this-Don't ask me to paint your face unless you know what you want, or you want it to turn out like this;)

Hop wanted a horse shoe. I was a little more kind with hers :D

Wade and Kitty's hands and eye. =]


The photographer :]

James, Wade, Wade's camera, and Bret's hand

Tehe =)

(Wade, please don't kill me for all these pictures. Remember, I am your fave Bethany:D

Half of Me, half of Kitty

James. (At least someone smiled nicely for the camera.) ((Even though he didn't know it))

I think he knew this time


Me, Kitty, MB, Hop!

You know how hard it is to hold down a kitty?
Even when there is three to one?
Oh, and the derby
These are the three pictures I thought I should get :)

Go Pink and Black car!

The end.
(Note to all my very much loved friends that happened to show up in this post, esp the ones that showed up more then once, please don't kill me!)

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frieda said...

looks like ya'll had fun????!=)