Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday and Outreach

Michael and I just so happened to have our birthdays a week apart, and both our 21st.
So we had a party on the 21st of Nov. We went out to eat and had a grand time of it.

The "special" music. :D Done by Mr. Wazzy. :D

Yummy Cake!

Michael, Lizzy, Virginia, Krissi, Angela, Naomi, Eun Si, and Lydia

Seeing two of Matthais

Awww... =]

Almost everyone =) (Even me!)

Goofy boy!

Regina's Spaghetti. Looked a little odd to me... =]


Hummerssss..... =)

More, Hummerssss.... =)

On the way to our 3rd to the last outreach.
OK, you see those Bamboo post? Yeah, those are sticking out of the trike... farther then what you can see... :]

On the way out I rode it the back of the yellow truck with Lizzy and Candy.
There is a reason Lizzy is making that face... should I tell Lizzy? (;

Bridge. 2



Don't fall!



Riding back, Lyd, Nolmes, & Gin. =]

Sometimes you just have to put all of the shots up. :D


The fine road

Oh yeah, isn't that cool!

Plowing the rice fields

Angle laughing at us crazy girls in back. We were hootin' n' hallerin'. :D




Rice and Palms

This was the place our very first outreach took place. You can't see how far it really goes up. It was a rather hard climb, plus we had to take all of our tools and such up there! It was so much fun! =]

Roo goes for a pass!

More plowing


Trying again!

Ho yeah!

Leaving them in the dust

Then it started to rain!

And it HURT! =] But was SO worth it!!! :D

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