Monday, December 13, 2010

What do you do when you are stuck at the airport for 5 or so hours???

This is what Lydia and I did...
Get your feet up, so the swelling goes down from the 14 hour flight that came right after the four hour one.

Try to sleep, but get no where fast...
Sing, pray, take pictures!

Start to go a little crazy after being awake for the last 30 some hours!

Really.... It does weird stuff to you!

No big deal though, right... =]

So, the story-Everything went very well for us, the whole way...
That is till Lydia started thinking on the 2nd flight that there was no way we were getting in on Sunday night... She asked me for the papers, and we found out as we were over the ocean that we were getting home a day earlier then anyone knew... That means even Mr. Fairlamb who was picking us up! Um, What do we do?! We had no way to call, or even email till we landed! Not only that, but what do we do about Naomi who had a ticket for Sunday night, the night we Thought we were getting in before!
So, as soon as we landed at O'Hare about 4:40pm. Lydia tried calling her Mom from my US phone. She didn't get through, so she tried her Dad's cell. "Hello." "Hi Dad?" "WHAT?!?!" LOL!!! It was so funny!!! So Mr. Fairlamb, took off to get us within about 15 minutes. A 5 hour drive... =]
Then I called my Dad- "Hello" "Hi Dad, you wouldn't happen to be in Chicago would you?" "No, you're kidding? Where are you?" "Where else would my phone work then the US?" =] "What!"
Long story short, we got through everything alright. Mr. Reed called and helped walk us through getting Naomi on a flight that night. And we got to show up at Church the next day and see jaws drop! :D
But we still had to wait till 10 or 11 till Mr. Fairlamb and the boys got there.
Lydia and I have quite the stories to tell of that night!
It was just the grand finale to a wonderfully crazy trip! :D

(By the time we got into the Fairlamb's house, it was 5 am.
After a shower and getting ready for bed, it was about 6 am.
Once we got in bed, Lydia and I just lay their dizzy, shaky, and with this great ringing in our ears!
There was no way we were going to sleep right away.
We talked for a bit, then we even sang some.
By the time we got to sleep it was about 7:10
I woke up about 7:40 not waiting the alarm to go off and wake everyone I got up to get it and get ready for Church.
The crazy thing was, I felt like I'd had a full night of sleep!)

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