Friday, October 28, 2011

A Little Behind The Times...

This is a post I've had sitting there waiting to be done for a very long time. This was so long ago that it was the Friday before Jessica's Birthday!
But here it is now, better late then never right! =]
Our trip to the Meijer Gardens with the family.

The kids :)

One of these, "Parker, put her down!" moments.

Mercy loved it! =]

The kids running around

How many tries Brad? =]



Kinda? =]

Close Jess!

One more time, I didn't get it! :D


First try, oh yeah. =)

The great lakes...kinda

Little brown eyes peeking out. =]

Cold and overcast. Less people to get in our way. :)

Though I love 'Mums, why'd they have to name the yellow ones after me?

Parker playing in the sound park

Peppers! Aren't they cute and colorful? =]

Nose to nose.


Eyeball plant! I see you...


Do they look lost to you? :0

Neat plant, berries and flowers.

Mom talking to the bear


Playing with the leaves

Sitting on the nest


Family shot! =]

Such a cute table and chairs set.

Mercy's seat...buduptcha! :)

Boonstra family cabin


Mercy loves finding somewhere to sit down just her size.

Mouse and Faith

Parker waiting for everyone

Faith and the little horse :D

Big horse and Boonstra band

Little Carter

It's gonna step on Dad!!!

And Stomp on Brad!!!

I don't think he can hold the hoof up much longer!

After a slim excape for Brad, the smaller horse is out to get his arm!

Though he thought he got away the 2nd time, he was wrong. The third and smalest horse was out to get his finger! Bum bum bum...

Knowing there was going to be a lot of walking, mom took her walker along to help her out some. I think the kids enjoyed it the most though. :) Also, Dad took his book along, carried it all over with him, and I don't know that he got very far in his reading all day. :)

Mad Mom :)

Cacti star

I like this photo very muchly. (Even if I did take it myself:)

Just the place to get a good picture of Jessica and Brad together, Mercy thinks she has to come along, we have to do this fast because all the flowers and Jessica's sure to go into a sneezing fit!

Ok, so almost. Not every picture is going to turn out the way you thought in your mind ay? :)

Hey look, it's frumpy little me! :)

Mercy liked the windchimes in the gift shop. They really looked good there in the giftshop, esp the ones marked $150... Get my drift? :)

Jessica wanted a picture of Faith with a pumpkin, she was the only one they hadn't gotten one of all day. So as we were headed out the door, this is what we got. :)


Jessica throwing Mercy up in the air. Wish you could hear the giggles!

Fire Mt.

Who can go to a place like this and not get ice cream at the end of your BIG meal?

Ok, me I guess. Most likely my first time ever to do that. But I had a little bite of each thing I thought looked good, then a bunch of bread pudding! Mmmm, good stuff!

Ok, I know this is mean, but I find it rather funny that they have their forks up at just about the same time. =) Love you Mom and Dad! :D

Mr. Carter silly face

Mercy, Likes, Food.

Faithers being silly. =]

The end!

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GREAT POST!!!!!looks like it was really fun!!!!!!