Tuesday, April 10, 2012


These two were just outside my window the other day. I thought I should get a picture of the bird I see so much of here, it reminds me of a chickadee. But that's not all I have to say about this bird. The other day I had my window open, (That seems to get me in a lot of trouble.) now these windows here have bars on them to keep would be robbers out, but they don't have anything to keep bugs or in this instance, yes, you've got it, BIRDS out. So I'm in my room resting on my bed, one of these birds comes and lands on the top of my window. That parts outside, so it's no big deal right? Well, Just as I was thinking about grabbing my camera, PANIC!!! The poor thing, I don't know what it was trying to do but it somehow came inside and got stuck flapping against the window. I JUMP up and yell, "JENNIFER!!!" and close my door real fast so it doesn't get into the rest of the house. Thankfully it got out on it's own. But sadly, I think I woke Jen from her nap. :]

It's fun to watch them, outside. :)

Today we went shopping and out to eat to this cool place with pretty parrots. :)

There were 4 of this kind, and a few other smaller birds.

Very pretty

So this is where Lola comes into the story with Mr. Reed.
The whole time we were there, I could hear Mr. Reed in my head saying, "Pretty bird." and No, no stupid bird sounds." :)

This one looked rather scary if you ask me. :o


All four of us.

Clara, Catherine, Jennifer and myself. :)


You just don't even know how hard it is to open the water bottles here. ;)

Just kidding



Through a glass. I don't know, I was just playing around.




More waiting

Hoho, good food! I mean, really good!
Clara's fish

Jennifer's Indian Curry

And Catherine with hers. She likes it HOT. :D

Back out with the birds

It's kind of hard to know what to say to an African parrot, you know.

But Catherine made a friend is spite of not knowing what to say

One of the others.

Guys made out of what looked to be bark

Haven't eaten here this time, but I have on past trips so I thought I'd get a picture while I could

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Sarah said...

Okay, where is the birds beak? It's face and beak seems to be one jumbled up mess!