Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 3 At Disney

Mmmm... Food!
It's funny how you can get a cute pic of Brad or Jessica, but the kids aren't even looking. =]
The Bright idea of Aunt Bethany- "she is making a mess, give her a straw!"
Well, Jessica thought it was a good idea. :)

Can anyone guess what we ordered? (btw, we didn't have to pay for the food so $ didn't really matter)

Woody's Round Up!


Can anyone guess what my thoughts are about this one? =]

Carpet ride, once was good enough for me so I got to stand and wave at (you would think the kids but no) Brad and Jessica. :)

Cater was very funny about this ride, Jessica and Brad took Parker and Cater on and I stayed with Faith because she wasn't big enough for it. When they were done on it Carter said "I want to go on that with Bethany!" He told me EVERYTHING that was going to happen! "We will walk up this way, then we go around here, and then they will tell us were we get to get on, then we sit down...." do you get the idea? =]

Parker was happy with just going on it one time and then going to play in the water. :)

You wouldn't think by his face that Carter liked it, but he sure did!


"I will not smile" (OK, he didn't say that, it just looks like that is what he was thinking)

Right in the face! =]

The little kids aren't the only ones that like water. :)
With how HOT it was, the water was REALLY nice!
Ha! it didn't get my face that time! (It did get her a lot though) =]
Having fun!
Ha! you can't get me, I'll stop you up!

Riding on the Nile.
The greeter's. If you have food they will let you pass...

Other wise.... they find some thing/one to eat.
You will have to ask Brad about this part of the ride. =]

Keep all hands, feet, and little ones inside, please!

Buzz! As I said before, good one of Brad and Jessica. But Faith has her hand up, Brad's hand is in the way of Parker, and Carter is hiding from Buzz.... Oh Well. =~]
Yo ho, yo ho!
Train ride! Guess what, Carter liked this one too. Hard guess wasn't it? :)
Quite the site! Even if it isn't the real thing, it makes one want to see the real thing.

Well that's it for now, I may have another post from Disney but I'm not sure when I will get it up seeing as we are going to PA. and then to D.C. for a week.
(If you would, pray that we have a safe trip and that God will get the glory out of it!)
Someday I will get a post up right after the thing I'm posting about happened! :) LW!
Well, Enjoy!


Rachel said...

looks like you had A LOT of fun! :)

Bethany said...

Great post Bethany!!!!! I THINK I like this one(post) the best!But I 'll have to wait and see if you have any more to post, then I'll decide which one I like the best!