Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Disney Day 2

Breakfast with Mickey!
Goofy playing the mug! :)
Which one if Goofier? =D
Jessica, Mickey, and Parker.
Carter, Mickey, and Faith. Faith wasn't sure what to think, can you tell? =]

Carter thought it was cool though. :)
PB&J Pizza! Not bad if I may say so myself. :)
She may be a mouse, but it's still a girl with her arm around Carter. =]
Faith looks like she knows what she is doing.
Aren't we all so happy? :)
Another look from Faith...

and another. =]
Yummy! I had a big plate of food, than when I was done with that I went back up and got all this! (And Brad didn't think I could eat it all... hehe, I did. :)
This was my view a lot of the time. =]

It was hard to get every one in, smiling, looking, and get all of the castle in at the same time!
And then some person has to jump in the back! :P Oh well.
Pooh Bear!
How cute... :)
Playing around with the kids.
Tickle Pooh!
Faith and myself.
Tigger and Darby
Smile everyone! :)

Gecko, not GIECO! =]

Brad and I went to the Haunted Mansion as Jessica and the kids waited for the parade.
On the way in. =o
Parker waiting.
What kind did Faith have? :)
And Carter?

It started! Here comes Mickey!
My favorite, Grumpy. :~(
The best, Robin Hood!

Dumbo! (No that is not what I am calling any of you, it's his name.)
Faith and I
We are flying!
Anyone know what this is from? :)
The birds didn't mind you getting close, I'm pretty sure I didn't use a zoom on this one.

Here we are on Splash Mountain, Parker wasn't so sure what to think about it.
Jessica and I took Parker and Carter the first time and Brad waited with Faith. When we got done we asked Parker and Carter if they wanted to go again. =] Carter did...
and Parker was ok with staying with Faith and I. :)
In all Parker was fine with going on it the one time, but every time we saw it Carter wanted to go on it again. :) 4 times is a lot for such a little guy, but he would have done it more had we had the time to. :)

Waiting for the fireworks, this was the cool balloon guy.
Again waiting for that to start Brad and I went to test out some other rides...
such as the Buzz Lightyear one! (More for little kids, but what do we care?)
The Castle had lights on it so it would change colors off and on.
Kinda neat.
Daddy and his little girl. :)

That's it for day 2, how soon the next one will be up? There is no telling. :)
Keep looking, I'll try to get it up soon. 'Try' and 'soon' being the key words. =D


Rhonda said...

You'll get through all the pictures some day, Bethany, I am sure. :)
It all looks like so much fun!

Stephanie Cosby said...

You've been tagged. But you don't have to do it if you don't want to.