Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 4 at Disney

Day 4, that means it has been 3 days with NO NAPS!!! =~O
To say as little as I may, we all had a 'fun' day... heh..heh..heh...
OK, so it wasn't THAT bad, just kind of. =]

Here we are getting ready to eat again. (We did a lot of that)

Some one was ready to eat! :)

Here is yet another good pic of Brad and Jessica... =]

Does anyone remember 2 years ago, Parker and the carrot?

Mr. Cherry nose

WOW! I tell you what, WOW! :)

What a smile..

Coke, Water, Apple Juice... can any of you guess what I got most the time we were there?
Little cold Carter? =]

I don't think she really liked it all that well, but it makes for a cute picture. :)

Parker, going 3D!

Faith, lookin' good babe!

What a show, it was so great we didn't get any pictures from it. =]

I would be in trouble with some people for not knowing the name of this thing, but I have sadly forgotten. (Guess I could look it up, but that would be too much work:)

I'm sure you all didn't know Brad was that famous did you? :)


"Kitty" (not my kitty mind you)


I found out that some one that saw my last post likes Toy Story.
They will go unnamed, but these are for them. :)

Little People

"We are eternally grateful...."

Playhouse Disney.

Faith with Rocket

Parker with Rocket. (Carter wasn't doing so great at the time so he didn't want to stand there and smile.)

The 'little' kids... well...
When you have little kids along it's kind of a must to do some things that they would like. Disney world IS for the Whole family, right :)

The kids really liked the show!

Little Einsteins! (So maybe they are for little kids, who says I can't enjoy it too?) :)

Handy Manny's Tools

Handy Manny

Carter, Faith, and Jessica's arm. =]

Goofy and Minnie

Can you not tell how much I am enjoying it? :)
Parker... tisk, tisk...

Jessica and her Monkeys

THE Monkey :)
The Back Lot Tour

WWII Fighter plane (not a real one, one from the movie that I did not see)

The Love Bug

I don't know =]
An old truck...
An old truck on fire!!!
An old truck with a LOT of water coming at it.

The bikes from one of the Indiana Jones movies

Walt's plane

No bones about it, those are the bones cages from P of the C 2.
A very cool show that we got to see.
Let you see what was behinde the stunts for all the fast car movies
The bad guys =0

and lady

Dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, (higher) dun dun dun dun, dun dun dunta duntada....

Ch Ch Ch Chip and Dale....


You know how hard it is to get kids to look at the same time? I guess I'm still a kid. =~]

Kind of everyone looking... all but Parker looking,

and not all three kids doing there own thing. =~/ :)
The Lion.
The stone table
I think it was at least close to full size

Armer of the Lion
Wouldn't that be fun for dress up?! :)

Coke all the way! :) This one spit out a mist of water every 60 seconds.

One Pair of sun-glasses, two boys, what do you do?

Take turns! :]

Anyone know who the guy on the left is?


Rhonda said...

I think all the dresses from Narnia would be cool to dress up in! But you know how much I like costumes! They are so much fun.
I have NO idea who the guy in the bottom picture is. Well, the guy on the left anyway.

Bethany said...

Great post Bethany!I don't know which pic I like best, so I'll pick them all!

Anna Joy said...

*breathe in

* breathe out

okay, I'm all better now but I barely made it through all those pictures. Glad I did was worth it! Rhonda, that could be your next sewing project!