Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 5 at Disney


Faith showing off her "pretty"

Crafts for the kids (and their moms). :)

The little fire girl.

All that training others have to go through and all I had to do was take this
5 question test and I became a Chief. =]
(We will forget the part that I only got 4 right.) :-o

There is one of those one things, and one of those other things,
and two of those things.... can you tell I don't know what any of this is? =]

The Seas
The Nemo ride, (Brad and Carter in the background)

Spiky seahorse

Sleepy Carter

The Q&A things. Just so you all know not one of the three kids can read but they all did better then I did. =]

Faith was even playing in Spanish! =~]

Hello Mr. Ray

"Stay back"

Sleepy smile

If you look at that fountain it's going up.
I'll tell you now, you are going to get sick of seeing me by the end of this post.

The kids fell asleep, so I was told to "go over there" and "sit over there". =~0

"OK, you got one of me now it's your turn!"

Around the world in 80 minuets

I put the wrong one on, Brad's head is in the way. But if I try to put the other one on it will mess up the post all over again and I don't really want to do that.

Hey look, it's the head less rider! =0
Oh, he does have a head. =]

The Sounds of Liberty. They sung under a dome so it sounded neat.

If you look close at this one we had just got a slushy... and I have a Blue tong :P

Jessica and Brad

Me, myself, and I. :]

Jessica and Brad. NOTE: if you ever go to Disney and see this ride, DO NOT GO ON IT!
It was OLD, and well we didn't like it to well.

Test track. This was a neat ride.
My Hummer. =]


Cute and Cool

She's got the keys to it.

Brad and Carter
I don't think Brad would mind having a car like that... :)


The end of that day.
This fountain spit by the timing of the music that was playing, we thought it was neat. :)

Looks like about 3 more post to go on Disney, so hold on people! :)

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