Friday, November 12, 2010


On the way.


The others walking up


Eun Si and Lizzy

Am I mean or what? ;)


Lydia's friend

Playing in the sand


Crazy huh?


Cool ones... =]

A lady we met on the beach. Her and her family had lived in the states for a few years, so it was nice to be able to talk to someone! =]

Gerry- Mew! :D

Can you see how little it is!

Lunch time! If you can, take a close look and see what you would have gotten!

Lizzy, and Hannah

Krissy, and Eun Si

Michael, and Lydia





You can't really see well, but she had a Purple tongue from the ice cream :P

Did you look at the food? The round things, yeah, those are Squid balls...
I was almost like eating a fish flavored bouncy ball... just a little softer...
Then there are Cheese sticks and fried chicken

And Lydia and I split a burger... someone needs to teach these people what a Burger is!

Like that the meat is a big part of it, and that you don't put weird stuff on them!

The inside of a Squid ball

Anyone for food?!
Really though, if there wasn't anything else to eat, and I hadn't eaten in a few days... I could get a few more down myself... =]

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