Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Jungle Challenge Last Monday!

This was Hannah the night before dreading wearing her WIGHT shoes is the Jungle...

But after taking these pictures, Eun Si let her use some of her old ones... :)

After we had classes they had us show how much we learned. We were put into four groups along with some of the Pulis =] It was a LOT of FUN!

I loved tying the ropes! (Even though I did the first one wrong!)

Hannah's many faces... :D

They told us what knot we had to do, then they timed each team.

Waiting for out turn


"Hmmm... Granny..."

Being told which knot to do

Doing it wrong... =] It's ok, only two people on our team did it the right way!

Untying to be ready for the next one.

Diving in!

Me-"How does the Figure 8 go again? This way? No. This way? No. Oh yeah! This way!"

They have their own farm kind of for the Pulis up there. So it was funny to have ducks running around while you are in class! =]

Another team on rescue


Next step. We had to go into the Jungle and fine as much things that you can eat as we could!

Our team found the most, with 14 things! :D
Did any of you know you can eat the part of the heart of a banana?! I didn't. =]

Learning how you can cook this.

Showing all our stuff.

Our next clue was up here! A Nice climb and a Nice view!
(Sorry Mr. Smith. :)

Coming up

Cool! :D

How to make a fire with Bamboo


Some of my team

Now, cooking rice in bamboo over a fire. Cool!

Putting the rise in.

The Judges

This guy played and sang a song for us.

My team came in 3rd! We didn't think we would place at all! =]

Dr. Salvadora and Lydia

Trying the rice

It was good, but RATHER HOT! =o


A building they are working on. This was the first thing we saw when we got there, and we didn't know if we were going to have to climb it or something! :)

Then end (of this post!) =]

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