Sunday, November 14, 2010

To And From Our Last Out Reach

Van full. Well, not full, we picked up a few more people on the way =]


Some of us wanted the fresh air and the fun of ridding on those bumpy roads on the way back!

The rest of the group. =]

Love the mountains. (That's the one I told you about Dad)

Rice drying on the road. =]

Sharp turn off of a bridge

Do you get the feeling we are being followed? =]


Rice patty that has been turned under, and the loverly road. =]
(So far I haven't seen any roads that are as bad as Zambia. This was the closest though. :)


Lydia's poor footses ={ You really can't see from the picture how bad they really are.
That's ok, I don't think that's what hurts her the most anymore :)

One last post before we go, then I'm not sure when you'll here from me next. =}

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