Friday, November 12, 2010

The rest of the photos I have as of right now

This was our hotel that we stayed in when we first got in.

Yes, it's messy, sorry. =]

The sink, with the pot to the left and the shower to the right...
It was rather hard to work with, but it was ok. :)



Another view

Most of our group headed into town.


Boy do they look sleepy or what?! =]

The Jeepney driver

Up front

Fish! (If you know me, you know I don't like fish, but this stuff isn't so bad, you can hardly tell it's fish other then the fact the the whole body is laying out on your plate... =]

Pulling out the bones

This is the main room where we eat, have class, Church, games, movies, whatever!
So this is the place we spend most of the day!

Behind the windows and through the door is the Kitchen and the offices

Hannah's likin' it! :)

Being proper...

Digging in!

My plate. It wasn't really bad at all because it's so fryed! :)

Lizzy ate the eye! Thankfully mine didn't have the head on it still... :P
I think she even liked it! ha!

Around the world!

We (I) were SO bad! =]

It took a while but I think we did get it kind of after a bit. :)

A Carabou in a rice patty

Going for a walk down our road.

A Bakery! Oh it was so good to have bread!

Kids following us. =]

Everyone getting ice cream

Someone found out he LIKES Ice Cream! =]

As I said, everyone likes the little white boy!


Michael and Virginia
Eun Si and Naomi enjoying! =]

This is what you get when you don't let me get a picture of you! :D

Almost better. =]



Funny! :D

Just in case

Basketball with the kids!

We were just walking by and we asked if we could play with them. They loved it!

So did we!


Getting into it!

You see how little those kids are, they are GOOD!

Check this out! They just droped, climed and were there! It was so funny!

First out reach. Working on taking the vital signs


Naomi, doesn't she look like a pro! :)

The end!
I will try to get some pictures up of this weekend here at the beach before we leave!
But for now, that's it!
I better get out on the beach before the girls kill me for being on the laptop all day!
Miss you all!

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