Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas With The Rest Of The Family!

Eating. (We are good at that!)
 The way we do it now is everyone gets the kids stuff, so they open their gifts. And when they are all done we send them off down stairs while we do a White Elephant of sorts. :)
 So till it was time for that I stayed up high where I could see everyone. :)

 Mya and Cody

 Elisha and Ray

 Uncle Jack passing out the gifts

 Faith and Mercy with her new Baby Bell. :)

 Mercy showing her Baby the tree
 Four stars. ;)
 Jessica trying to open the gift uncle Jack very much wrapped. :D
 Jessica's second gift. (The popcorn tin she got first was stolen by my cousin.)
 Sitting around talking
 Parker's new pj shirt. The hulk!
 When he lifts it you see his face. :) I thought it was cool.
 Game time
 Disney headbands
 The game you laugh so hard at everyone else, and then when it's your turn you half die of embarrassment!

 After the kids went off to bed we thought we'd try the adult one. :) It was kinda harder. :]
 Some of them we flew threw, but some were very hard!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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