Monday, January 28, 2013

Lydia's Wedding Shower

Ready to go
Me & Megs

 Janelle, Arielle and I

 Katie with her cupcake ;)
 Oh no! There are crumbs on my plate! Dump... All better. =]

 The up and coming photographer
 Hop! =]
 More talking
 The gifts
 Keep in mind, I had Arielle on my lap through most of this, so she is taking most of these pictures! :) I just didn't feel like being very picky with which ones I put up, so you get most all of them! :)

 Mrs. Siefka doing the game

 Opening gifts




 All done

 That's all for these!


Hannah said...

Thanks, Bethany! :)

mackyton said...

The wedding shower seems to be a great one. I must say the event space NYC booked by my neighbor for his son's reception was incredible. Yellow lights and crystal chandeliers in ball room looked royal. Dinner tables and seating arrangements were praised by all guests. Food of all varieties was ordered.