Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Days Before Christmas

Out last minute shopping with my dear kitty.
 Her  new little brother. Isn't he cute?! =]
MB and Me
 When did we go and grow up?

 Snow Day! Dad and I walked out to the garage to get in the car and go down to the chiropractor's.  But we saw how much snow we'd gotten and thought we needed to take care of it or get stuck! This was when we got that rain and than it snowed a really wet heavy snow! As you maybe can see, this was just how it was right against the garage door, but it got higher as it went out.
 We had quite the overhang
 Something happened to our shovels... So Dad was using the scoop while I was picking away with the spade! :P
 There, you can see a little better how I and heavy it was.
And in the end, the chiropractor wasn't even in! :P
 But, we did end up going down to Brad and Jessica's house that night for some Christmas movies.
Mercy enjoying her food. :)
 Dad enjoying one of his goodies that Pastor James Beatty sent him. :D
 Some were sick at the time, and very sleepy as you can see. Brad and Faith fell asleep.
 Dad fell asleep as well. =]
 Parker hiding. :)
 I didn't take this picture, but I just love it! That's my crazy family for ya! :D
Oh, my new hat from Kitty! :D
 Christmas eve!
 Since we were going down state on Christmas day we opened gifts at home on Christmas eve.
 Papa teaching the kids about Christmas. How many kids at this age get the lesson about how the Bible really says nothing about Christmas trees, and such things? ;)
 Parker thinking.

 Emptying our stockings.
 The kids digging out the presents
 Brad and Jessica. :)
 Mom and Dad
 Mercy pulling off bit by bit.
 Laughing at gifts

 Mercy's favorite gift! (Good n' Plenty;)
 Girls gift
 Lego's everywhere!
 Grandma reading Mercy one of her new books. :)
 Carter writing in his new notebook
 Who knows how many of these she ate before Jessica realized! :D
 Piled up
 My new socks :D
 Jessica's new m&m lava lamp

 Even the boys
 Remember that picture of Mercy's banana in the mouse trap? Yup, her other grandma made this up for her! :) It says, "How to catch a Mercy monkey."
More to come!

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