Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hitchin'

My shoes! :D
 Right before it started all the little kids had to go... :)

 Kitty =]

 The brothers
 And sisters
 Mr. & Mrs. Siefka

 Mr. Fairlamb & Lydia

 Daniel Singing "I Will Be Here"   (Unless you sing it like me)

 Meg, Sarah and Morgs. Sarah... hehe
 Oh, me
 This was when Nathan was "fixing" my camera
 Yes, we are to old to act like this. No, we will never stop. ;)
 Opening gifts
 Back for more...
 Guess who... lol Seeing just how hard it is to walk in my shoes... ;)
 Out with Michael and MaryBeth
 Oh, and Matt... Hehehehehe
 A&W straw popping fun!
 My straw still had some in it when it was popped.... Meaning I ended up with ice cream/rootbeer on my face... :) I knew it would happen, but for some reason I did it anyways. :)
 First game :P
 Second game... eh

Third game, MUCH better ;) Sorry Matt...

Guess what!!!! Guess guess guess!!!
Ok, I'll just tell you!
I'm all caught up with posting pictures!!!!
It's been MONTHS since I was last caught up with posting!
Funny thing is, I've posted more in this last month than I did in the last 5!
This will be my 18th post this month alone, and in the 5 months before this I only did 17 all together!
OK, I'll stop rambling and maybe go do something a little more useful... :D
Hope you all enjoyed.
All Five of you... =]


Stephanie Cosby said...

That is so James with your shoe on. Lol! Cute, shoes btw. :)

Sarah =) said...

That is just like James!! lol

Sarah =) said...

Who took the pictures Bethany?

BSBT said...

Thanks Steph! I like them too!
Got Lots of comments on them! ;) hehe

Sarah, Janelle took most of the picturs with my camera. But some of them are from my phone.
I meant to credit her on the post, but here works. :)

Faith said...

"Cause I----I don't drink beer." haha! I was singing it like that after Daniel sang. =D

BSBT said...

Well, while he was singing I leaned over to Bret and kitty and said, "You---u have straw on your rear."

Faith, Alexis, and/or Megan Cook said...

hehehehe. :) Most of the guys did! haha! No, more than 5 people check out your blog, BSBT!